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L.A. Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

The brain is a complex organ that is composed of many sections, each controlling different functions of the body. When the brain is injured it can result in devastating effects on the victim.

The personality, physical being, and mental state of the victim may become different after a brain injury. The aftermath of a brain injury can be very worrisome and confusing for the loved one of a victim as they deal with a whirlwind of emotions, doctors and hospital staff, insurance companies, and the like.

Here are some annual United States statistics regarding brain injury:

Everyone is at risk for brain injuries, including infants, toddlers, and the elderly. There are many causes of brain injuries, including:

A brain injury is a potentially life altering event and may result in long-term or short-term impairments. Brain injuries have differing levels of severity and affect each victim differently. A person who has suffered a brain injury may have to readjust many areas of their life and may not be able to continue living the way they did before the injury. Some areas that may be affected as a result of brain injury may include:

Brain injury impacts the lives of family members and loved ones as they must now help in the recovery process. This process can be emotionally and financial draining on the victim and loved ones. A variety of medications, surgeries, and rehabilitation may be necessary.

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