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Instructions for Injury Clients

Victims of personal injury can help preserve their rights and improve their results by following some common-sense steps. Review these pointers to help us help you.

1. Always tell us the whole story

Your attorney can never have too much information about you and your case. We need to know all the facts concerning your case even if you think they will hurt your case. If we do not know unfavorable information, it may hurt your case. Please tell us all the facts so that we can deal with them.

2. Do not talk about your case

If you don't say anything, you can't say anything wrong. Do not discuss your case with anyone except the attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Walter J. Wabby. Insurance company employees or their representatives may call or write you asking for information. Get their name, address, and telephone number, and tell them to contact us. Call us immediately yourself and let us know that they have tried to talk to you.

3. Document your case

Written records supporting all of your claims are essential to obtain a fair and just settlement. We must have proof of all your claims. Always tell the doctor what is wrong with you. The doctor will write your comments in your medical record. Eventually, the insurance company will be able to look at your medical file and see your statements to the doctor. Be sure to send us copies of all bills and records pertaining to your case.

4. Keep us updated

The more we know, the better. Call us with new information. If your condition changes for better or for worse, let us know. If you are in any other accidents, call our office immediately. We also need to know if you move or change your telephone number. If you think something may affect your case, call and let us know.

5. Be patient

Rest assured we are always working for you. Personal injury cases like yours take time to settle or conclude. Insurance companies do not want to give up their money any sooner than they have to, so getting the money you deserve can take time. Please be patient; we are working on your case.

6. Do not file any insurance claim or reports without talking to us

Let Walter J. Wabby handle all the paperwork to get you the best possible result. We will submit all claims and negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies. Please be certain to send copies of your health insurance policies to us. In automobile accident cases, please provide us with the insurance policy on the car you were in at the time of the accident.


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